Pricing: How we price our cakes

The pricing of a cake primarily depend on 3 main categories: Flavor, Design and Size.

     Flavor: Price quoted below in each categories is based on a "Basic Flavor" (see flavors list under the Endless Choices Tab of the page). If you decide to select a "Premium" flavor - for example; Rum or Key Lime or add a little fruit or "Premium Icings" then the price is a little higher. The amount of ingredients and prep time is calculated based on flavors and fillings. 

     Design: How intricate would you like your cake to be? Would you like smooth Fondant finished style or Buttercream? How about enhancing your design with handmade sugar flowers or characters made with modeling chocolate, seashells or starfish made from sugar fondant? How about a Photo sugar sheet of a logo or photograph? Is your cake sculptured (Shaped like a fish or a car)? These additions are available and also play a significant role in the price of your cake.

     Size: All the cakes are priced by number of servings in addition to a few other sizable details. For example; You would like to order a 4 Tier Buttercream cake that serves 100 guests. A basic buttercream cake, simply stacked without columns or sugar flowers begin at $7 per serving. $7 x 100 servings = $700.

Is your cake stacked with columns (separated or stacked on top of one another). Or would you prefer a fun topsi-turby fun shaped cake? Your cake designer will go over all the details to better determine what would work best to make it unique and beautiful.

Other details: 

    How about twinkle lights, a moving or revolving platform,  water fountain or upside-down hanging chandelier cake? Whatever the design or added detail, we will work with you to create an unforgettable cake. 

         Buttercream Cakes                      Fondant Cakes                   Sculptured & Unique

                  Begin at $7 per serving                                       Begin at $8 per serving                                  Begin at $10 per serving

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*Please reserve your cake no less than 3 months prior to your event