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  • Do I have to place an order or can I come into the shop and pick up a cake?
    At this time we are just custom orders only, and you will have to always place an order in advance.
  • How much in advance should I reserve or place an order for my cake?
    WEDDING CAKES: Wedding cakes should be reserved at least 3 to 4 months in advance. There is a limited amount of orders we can accept, especially during the high peak "Season" which is March through May and October through December. If your event is scheduled during this peak time you should reserve your cake at least 6 months or earlier if possible. SPECIAL DESIGN CAKES: Sculpted or highly detailed cakes should be reserved at least 3 months in advance. These are very detailed cakes and require lots of planning and designing with a back and forth process. Basic 1 tiered cakes should be reserved or ordered 1 to 2 weeks in advance. If the design is detailed or has more than 1 tier, please reserve your cake at least 3 months in advance if possible. Always call us if less than 3 months advance notice for availability of orders.
  • Can you custom decorate a cake?
    Yes! The best way to do this is to start with picture(s) if possible. If you don't have a picture, not to worry, give us a call and we can schedule a time to discuss the ideas and details. Our talented staff will create a sketch for you and take it from there.
  • Can you deliver a cake and how much is the cost?
    Yes! We offer delivery service for a fee depending on the distance of the delivery. Local deliveries from Key Largo to Islamorada is $50. For Lower Matacumbe to Marathon it's $100. We do not deliver south of the Seven Mile Bridge or Key West. Deliveries to Miami and Broward county are available for $150. Due to the distance, we can only delivery within the morning or evening hours.
  • Can you ship a cake or desserts?
    Yes! We offer 1 to2 day express shipping through FedEx. The cost of the shipping is based on the address location based on a 2-Day Express shipping. The cake or desserts ordered will be shipped in a Styrofoam cooler box with ice gel packs and Dry Ice if needed (dry ice depends on the distance & location of the shipping address). Please contact us for more information on exact pricing.
  • After receiving my cake/cupcakes, do I have to keep them refrigerated?"
    Yes! Because our items are made with perishable ingredients, they must be kept refrigerated. While cold, the cake and cupcakes are not as moist or creamy as they are at room temperature so we recommend that you allow the cake/cupcakes to come to room temperature before enjoying them (about 30 to 60 minutes before). This will allow the cake to return its natural moistness and the frostings return their natural creaminess.
  • How long can a cake or cupcake stay out unrefrigerated?
    There are different circumstances and scenarios to consider. If your event is outdoors, during the day in our warm weather, we recommend no longer than 1 hour. If the temperature is lower than 70 degrees outside, then your items will be safe for a few hours. If you have a tiered cake and your event is during the day outdoors, it is best bring out the refrigerated cake one hour prior to serving or displaying into a cool airconditioned room first for about 20 to 30 minutes. IMPORTANT! Do not take take the cake directly outside from the fridge! This time allows the cake to come down to room temperature and keeps the cake from going into "Shock". What this means is when you remove a baked item from the cool temperature into very warm or hot temperatures suddenly, condensation forms, the cake then starts absorbing the moisture and in turn the icing slips right down the cake. Following this process will keep your cake intact and worry free.
  • Do you sell Gluten Free or Dairy Free Cakes?
    Yes! We offer Gluten-Free in both cakes and cupcakes. Almost all of the icing flavors we currently offer are gluten free. We also offer Dairy-Free cakes in 6" or 8" (Single tiers only) as well as cupcakes. We do not offer tiered cakes in the Dairy-Free product due to the consistency of the recipe. The absence of the egg product, which serves as a stabilizer, makes the cake light, crumble easily and very difficult to serve appropriately for larger quantities. Our recommendation for large events/weddings, is to consider combining the cake. For example the top tier in the dairy free and the other tier(s) of the cake in the regular recipe (with dairy) when possible to serve to the larger party of guests.
  • How will I know what size of cake I need for the quantity of guests expected?
    We'll be glad to help you calculate the cake size for your event. Check our serving size guide to help you determine which cake size you will need for your event.
  • Do you offer Kosher cakes or desserts?
    Unfortunately we do not offer kosher cakes or desserts at this time.
  • Do you offer Tasting Sessions?
    Yes! Tasting sessions are avaialable upon request. We offer two tasting packages: 4 Flavors of Cake with 4 flavors of your choice of icing/filling – $50 6 Flavors of Cake with 6 flavors of your choice of icing/fillings – $75 Each cake sample is a 3" round in diameter by 2" tall mini cake. The icing/filling flavors are packed in individual cups that you can try by a mix/match with each flavor of cake. ​You must schedule your tasting at least 2 weeks in advance. Tastings are offered Tuesday through Thursday only, between 11 am to 6 pm. A tasting box is available for pick up Friday and Saturdays if you are not able to schedule during the week. ​You can also order a tasting box shipped directly to you if you live out of the local area. Call us for more information! ​
  • If the flavor of cake that I would like to order is not on your list of flavors offered, can you make a cake with my special flavor?"
    During our high peak/seasonal periods (January through May and October through December) we cannot make special request due to the high demands of wedding cake orders.
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