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Nancy Davila is the Cake Designer and founder of Unique D'Lites Custom Cakes. Since her childhood, Nancy has had an artistic talent with the special ability to design and create uniqueness in many forms within many different crafts. The ability to interpret ideas with sense of style has made her unforgettable for those who have worked with her. With a degree in Fashion Design and Illustration, the transition from designing fashion for over 20 years to designing cakes was an easy one.

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The Beginning

In 2009, the hobby of cakes and cupcakes was born. It all began when Nancy found herself trying to find something that would capture and keep the attention of her very creative 11year old daughter. As most parents, Nancy kept falling short and it became a very challenging task. Then one day her brother in-law gave her some great advice; “Use your talents to make artsy cakes and cupcakes, your daughter will enjoy that”. She thought “What a great idea!” Her brother in-law, who has been in the bakery business for over 30 years (specializing in cakes), knew that not only will this be a hit with her daughter, but a way to get them both to show off their talents. So she took his advice and now found a new way to capture her daughter’s un-divided attention. And together, they began to bake.

Endless Creativity

The hobby turned into a passion and the passion grew into a business. Today, cakes are not the only thing being creatively designed and crafted. Nancy designs custom toppers out of Fondant and Sugar Gum-paste, decorated cookies, cupcakes, mini cakes, cake pops, pies, macaroons and more.


Designs can vary from simply elegant to as technical as an upside down chandelier hanging cake…. With lights! If the chandelier cake isn’t enough for you, then you have to see the creatively sculptured designs she creates such as a Tarpon or the Lamborghini groom’s cake. They are pretty incredible and edible.


“No task is impossible, at least not yet” says Nancy. She loves challenges, in fact she highly encourages them. Other specialties in cake design available are custom logo initials, designs or photographs printed on sugar sheets, hand painted artwork, handmade figurines, and even edible lace. The possibilities may be endless.

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Decorating Cake

A Sweet Future

Nancy's daughter, Naneki, is now attending college to pursue a career as a Creative writer and Sequential Artist. Although she's not able to add her creative touch as often as she would like, she's glad to help during breaks from college.


You can preview all the creative creations in the Gallery section of the company’s web site or Facebook page.


We welcome you to visit the cake shop located in Nancy's home town of Islamorada in the beautiful Florida Keys located at 80925 Overseas Hwy.

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Unique D'Lites Custom Cakes

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